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These general instructions should be read thoroughly BEFORE you begin to complete the application.


  1. The 2011–2012 DICAS Online is for use during the 2011–12 selection cycle for internships taking place in 2012–13.  This version is valid through April 1, 2011.
  2. The DICAS Online may only be used to apply to internship sites that are registered for and participating in the DICAS Match.  This includes all DICAS-member programs as well as a small number of non-member programs that are participating in the Match.
    Applicants are NOT permitted to send electronic or paper versions of the DICAS Online to sites that do not meet the above criteria.
  3. While the information requested about your background and experience is comprehensive, no applicant is expected to have experience in all, or even most, of these areas!  In fact, most internship programs focus primarily on those areas that are a good fit for their programs.
  4. Even though the DICAS Online is a standardized application, each site has its own application instructions and deadlines.  It is each applicant’s responsibility to be familiar with each site’s application procedures, requirements, and deadlines.  For example, some sites may request that you provide additional material (e.g., testing reports), and the DICAS Online will permit you to attach this information electronically.
  5. The DICAS Online will be completed via the internet, using your internet browser, and sent electronically to the internship sites that you designate.
  6. For those of you unfamiliar with an online application, the following brief description is provided to describe the overall application.  The DICAS Online is organized by Portals and includes an Applicant Portal (the portal that you, as an internship applicant will complete), a Selection Portal (the repository of applications that are sent to a specific internship site), a Reference Portal (the portal in which the individuals writing letters of recommendation for you will upload their letter), and a DCT (academic Training Director) Portal (the part of the application in which your DCT will verify your practicum experiences and your readiness for internship).  For those of you familiar with prior versions of the DICAS, the Applicant Portal is the former Part 1 of the DICAS with the addition of the CV and Transcripts and the DCT Portal is the former Part 2 of the DICAS.  If you would like more general information about the APPI Online, you can also review the material describing the DICAS Online on the DICAS website at www.dicas.org.
  7. In addition to these general instructions, each section of the DICAS Online has its own specific instructions.  These specific instructions can be accessed by clicking the “Instructions for this Section” button at the top right corner of each page.
  8. This 2009–2010 version of the DICAS is the first Online edition of the application.  In part due to the fact that this is the inaugural year for the DICAS Online and in part due to the flexibility an online application environment affords, modifications of the instructions for each section may be made at a future time based on input from applicants.


This section describes the elements of a typical internship application submitted through the DICAS Online system.  It is important to again emphasize that each site has its own application requirements and deadlines, and thus not all applications will look the same.  A standard application typically includes a cover letter, a curriculum vita, transcript(s), ,letters of recommendation, verification by your director program, and possibly supplemental materials requested by a specific internship site

General Application:  This is the “meat” of the application and includes questions about your background, education, and experience.  It includes four essay questions.

Cover Letter:  The cover letter provides an introduction to your application and, most importantly, an opportunity for you to describe your interest in, and fit with, a particular site.  It also gives you the opportunity to address site-specific issues or questions.  The DICAS Online permits you to submit an individualized cover letter for each site to which you are applying.

Curriculum Vita:  A standard professional vita.  The vita may be developed in a word processing program (e.g., Microsoft Word) and then uploaded directly to the DICAS Online.  The Content of a typical Curriculum Vitae includes:

  1. Identifying information
  2. Education
  3. Training
  4. Clinical experiences; Practicum; Psychotherapy experiences
  5. Supervision experience
  6. Research experience
  7. Publications, grants, professional presentations
  8. Teaching experience
  9. University and professional service
  10. Related work experience
  11. Volunteerism
  12. Awards/Honors
  13. Professional memberships, leadership positions held
  14. References

     DICAS is not suggesting that each of these headings must be included in your CV.  The above list of items is included for your information.  Some of the items had been included in prior versions of the DICAS itself.

Graduate Transcripts:  Includes transcripts from all GRADUATE institutions that you have attended, whether a degree was obtained or not.  You are required to submit one official copy of each graduate transcript to the DICAS Online service, which will verify, , scan, and attach them to each application.  Most sites do not request undergraduate transcripts; for those who do, please see “Supplemental Materials,” below.

References:  Most sites request three letters of recommendation, although a few have a different requirement.  The DICAS Online service allows you to request letters from your recommenders, who will then upload their letters directly to the service.  Once your recommenders have uploaded their letters, you may then choose which letters get sent to which internship sites.

Supplemental Materials:  These are any additional materials that may be requested by a program, such as testing batteries and/or reports, undergraduate transcripts, etc.  The DICAS Online service allows you to upload supplemental materials for each site that requires such materials.

Verification by Your Director Program:  Your director program’s Director of Clinical Training is required to review certain elements of your application (e.g., director practicum hours) to verify their accuracy and to certify that you are authorized to apply for internship.  When you have completed the portions of the application that require verification, you may submit them electronically to your DCT for review.  You will not be permitted to submit any applications to internship sites until this review and verification process is completed by your DCT.


If you have questions about the content of this application and/or questions about how to answer a specific item, please consult the item-specific instructions that are located on each page of the DICAS Online.

If you have questions or difficulties with the technical aspects of the DICAS Online (e.g., web site difficulties, payment questions, difficulties submitting your transcript), please contact the DICAS Online support team at 1–617–612–2899. You can also click on the “Contact Us” icon on the left side of the Applicant Portal checklist page under the Help section.