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In this section, you will designate the individuals who will write letters of recommendation for you.

The standard requirement for most sites is 3 letters of reference; however, you may request as many referees as you desire. A maximum of four letters of recommendation can be attached per site. Upon submission, it is the applicants responsibility to indicate which letters they wish to have sent to the individual sites. Please be mindful that sites may not appreciate receiving more application materials than required. It is in the best interest of all applicants to check the selection criteria of each training site before choosing your referees.

Once your request for a reference form has been made, it is your responsibility to monitor the status of your application and to ensure that your reference forms are completed and received at DICAS in a timely fashion. Also, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that he/she has the proper browser requirements in place.  DICAS cannot accept reference forms via fax or e-mail under any circumstances.

Helpful Hint:  Designate your referees early in the application process.

Helpful Hint: You automatically waive the right to view any reference you request.

Helpful Hint:  You can check the status of your referees’ responses through the Status section on the main page of the application.  Your recommendations are not considered complete until they have been marked as “Completed”; a status of “In-Progress” indicates that your referee has begun a recommendation but it has not yet been submitted. You will be able to see which of your referees have responded, but you will not be permitted to see the content of their forms through the DICAS service.  Please feel free to send reminders to your referees who have not responded in a timely manner.